Giving a sensual kiss or French kissing someone can be somewhat nerve-wracking. After all, it is not something that you can practice through conventional methods. The art of giving a French kiss will have your and your partner’s mouth entangled in such a romantic way.All kisses are essentially the same, there are just different levels of passion in each one. 

When you think of it like that, a simple peck on the lips is no different from a kiss in which you passionately give your partner your tongue. Let’s take a look at how to build up to that sensual kiss, how to get your partner interested in it, and how you may know when you are heading in the wrong direction.

That Important First Kiss: 5 Recommendations

“Chemistry is really that intangible indication of something more primal as it relates to how individuals’ pheromones mix in the chemistry of attraction.”

Andréa Demirjian, the Kissing Expert

Before you get into sensual kissing let’s take a look at what to do or not do when you kiss a person for the first time. Many of us have our first kiss in general by the time we enter our twenties, but that doesn’t mean that no other first kiss matters.

Just like how a cover letter gives an employer a preview of your resume, the first kiss gives another person an idea of what to expect from you in the future. And you want to give a great first impression, right? If so, here are some tips on how to create the best kissing experience when you do this for the first time.
1. Don’t Get Too Into It

While French kissing someone you love can eventually go great, there are times when a good kiss is just as well-meaning. Your first kiss with your partner shouldn’t be about getting your tongue deep into your partner’s mouth.

When kissing for the first time, you should hold back some and let it happen without haste. A small amount of tongue is usually ok, but let’s not forget that the first kiss should be done gently so don’t be afraid to hold back a little.
2. Note If Something Feels Wrong or If You Can Do Better

Each person is different and feels things differently. You may notice that your current partner’s lip movements are different from your last partner’s. Or that their body moves back unexpectedly.

This doesn’t mean anything was wrong with you or how you did things. It just means that your new partner is different. Give them a better sensual kissing experience by making notes on how they react and utilize that information in the future
3. Don’t Pressure Them Into it

A kiss should happen because they want it to happen just as much as you do. Even if you both are so close that your hands touch, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready for or even want you to kiss them.

Remember, a kiss should happen when the mood is right, and when they feel no pressure from you. In fact, it should honestly just feel natural.
4. Give Them Your Undivided Attention

Whether you are giving your partner a sensual French kiss or a small peck, make sure you’re giving them your undivided attention:Touch their shoulder or hands to pull them in close
Look at your partner’s face and absorb every one of their details
Move to focus on your partner’s eyes, making sure that you maintain good eye contact
Only then focus on the mouth that you will be kissing
If something goes wrong, ask them questions and get them to laugh for you both relax

The attributes that go into a sensual kiss are different for everybody. But as you give them your undivided attention, you will slowly learn what they respond to and what their taste may be to kiss them better.
5. Be Careful What You Eat

If you have a clear plan to get into your partner’s face and give them a great kiss, you need to watch what you eat. We recommend being careful with your food intake for at least 12 hours before the kiss takes place just to be safe.

Certain flavors will linger more heavily than others, and trying to cover up these flavors may only result in weird flavor combinations. If you devour a ton of garlic and try to cover up the scent by licking a mint-flavored candy, your partner isn’t tasting mint. They are going to be tasting mint and garlic.

6 Sensual Kissing Tips

A sensual kiss is an entirely different level from just standing close or touching each other. Are you ready to kiss your partner like they’ve never been kissed before? Here are some tips to get the most out of this underrated form of intimacy.
1. Create a Relaxing Environment

Kissing is best in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Even more, you’ll be a better kisser and they’ll be more receptive if you are both relaxed.

Here is how to set a romantic scene before you lock your lips:Tidy things up a bit.
Consider making a spot on the floor, bed, or sofa with luxurious pillows and blankets.
Light some candles.

Let’s not forget about the mental and emotional scene you set. If you want your partner to be relaxed and receptive, don’t pressure them to talk about stressful or contentious topics. Keep things light and fun!

2. Start Off Slow

The first kiss should be more gentle than passionate. Here is how to make things slowly and gently:Try leaning in. Don’t worry about rushing into it.
Tilt your head. That’s so your noses don’t bump.
Brush their hair away from their face.
Look into their eyes.
Place your hands on theirs.

You can build up to a more intense mood. Take a look at their body language and how they respond. What they communicate to you is an important form of coaching. This tells you what they like and when to take things up a notch.
3. Put Your Whole Body Into It

There’s more to kissing than just your lips. This should be a whole-body experience. A warm, long embrace, while you tilt them back can make kissing so much more intense.

Put your heart and soul into that kissing experience. It takes quite a bit of practice. Don’t simply copy what other people do. It’s important to develop your own kissing style to drive your partner wild with your tongue.

4. Use Your Tongue

Let’s be honest. When people think of romantic kissing, they usually visualize two people Frenching with getting their tongues involved. But if that weirds you out or intimidates you, don’t worry. Tongue kissing takes practice. It’s an art you have to master. The last thing you want to do is roughly jab your tongue down your partner’s throat or otherwise be too aggressive.

On the other hand, you don’t want to leave the impression that you’re squeamish when it comes to using your tongue. Also, learn to notice how you taste and smell. The taste of certain flavors can linger for some time and can make your partner want to lean away instead of lean toward you.

That said, you can do amazing things with your tongue. It’s truly a tool for turning someone on. Show what you can do with your tongue while you are kissing, and you will prove just how “orally inclined you are.”

5. Remember to Breathe

Please, don’t forget to breathe while kissing! This tiny detail is extremely important for your whole experience.

You may forget to do that while you are focusing on your technique and setting a great mood. So, come up for air every once in a while!
6. It’s Okay to Laugh

So many things can go wrong during your sensual kissing session:You can tilt your head the wrong way and smack your foreheads with your partner
Door Dash can to your door the moment you lock your eyes
Your neighbor may decide to see you right in the moment of French kissing

Is this the time to feel frustrated or embarrassed? Of course not! This is when you giggle at yourself and the absurdity of the situation. Trust us, it’s much easier to restart a make-out session after a bout of laughter than an angry rant.

How to Prepare For the Perfect Kiss: 5 Things to Do

The perfect kiss can absolutely just happen – but more often, you need to prepare for it. You can choose to brush your teeth, practice with YouTube videos, or listen to romantic stories, These are great ways to prepare for that absolutely perfect kiss, but here are some of our favorite ways to prepare for that pleasant make-out session.

1. Make Sure Your Lips Are Soft and Free of Wounds

Soft, moist, and slightly apart make kissing a good experience. Your lips should also be free of wounds that can potentially cause the spread of disease:Partake proper skin care around and on your lips

Use scrubs made for your lips to get rid of any dry and chapped layers of skin
Use a reliable Chapstick to keep moisture in check on a daily basis
Use lotions and lip masques to give your lips direct nutrients on a regular basis
Use medicated balms when you find your lips to be injured.

By doing this, you will ensure that your lips are soft and healthy for the next person you will be kissing.

2. Keep Your Breath Fresh

Kissing means connecting mouths. So as you start sensually kissing, you don’t want your partner to be reminded of that bowl of garlic fettuccine alfredo you had for lunch earlier.

To avoid this awkwardness, keep your breath fresh by brushing regularly and paying mind to your oral health. Avoid taking supplements like fish oil for at least 12 hours before you go on a date. In case of emergency, keep a supply of breath freshening strips or gum handy at all times.

3. Timing Is EverythingJust 

like in any comedy romance, kissing needs to be timed just right. If you wait too long, the situation can become awkward. If you just lean in for a kiss and don’t consider what is happening, you may end up with a mouthful of your partner’s hair without realizing it.

You can avoid awkward moments by creating the perfect time and moment for a kiss to happen. Trust your instincts – and just do it!

4. The Importance of Location

When you want to pull your partner’s body close to yours and give them some slow, romantic, teeth-clicking passion, choose not only the time but also the place carefully. Just take a look around before you start leaning into them for that pleasant bit of intimacy.

What is going on? Are you alone, or are you in the presence of others? Would a romantic kiss draw in wanted or unwanted attention in this place? Is there any sort of sign that will make your love showcase unwelcomed or unwarranted?

By taking the time to think about that, you can avoid having to face an awkward and embarrassing moment in the eyes of the person you love.
5. Hold Them Close

Sharing a soulful kiss with someone means that you feel more comfortable with them. You can maintain eye contact without it feeling awkward. You may even notice their lip movements during a kiss when they enjoy something.

To give you and your partner a euphoric sense of intense pleasure, pull them towards you and press your body against theirs. By taking this step during the diss, you transform that sensual kissing experience into a more passionate one in your partner’s eyes.How to end your sensual kiss session

The End of the Kiss

When you end the kiss, make sure to maintain contact. Never just pull away from their lips, or rip your tongue out of their mouth.

A kiss of this level is a full physical experience, and if you move away from kissing at such an abrupt rate, you may spoil the experience. For your partner, it may be a sign that you either did not enjoy kissing them or that the kisses you shared meant nothing.

So end the kiss by moving away gently, maintaining contact with your mouth even with your lips shut, and caressing their cheek. Make sure not to turn your head away from them. This a moment of relaxed intimacy that you want to allow yourselves to indulge in as your noses touch.

Final Rules For Kissing Your Partner

Are you looking to amaze your partner with your kissing prowess? We’ve provided you with some great tips. Now, check out our nicely consolidated tips on providing your kissing services:Start gently
Hold them close to you
Use your tongue but not too aggressively
Set the scene to enhance the mood
Get plenty of practice
Don’t be ashamed of the way you practice, or of the coaching that you look into
Try new things to keep it interesting for you and your partner
Watch romantic films for kissing inspiration
Make sure you smell and taste amazing
Give them coaching so you know what they like too!
Ask your partner for some coaching too!
Touch them all over as you kiss
Use your hands too!

Finally, kissing doesn’t have to lead to sex. It’s a great way to get close to one another and express your love. Every relationship needs enough physical touch to ensure that both people feel loved and connected.
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